December 26, 2014 ( Just like any other year, dense fog is back again in Chandigarh resulting in several flights and trains cancellations or delays. The visibility was less than 600 metres at the airport which didn't let several fligts to take off or land. Several passengers were left stranded at the airport. Similar weather conditions are expected to continue for the next few days. The instrument landing system (ILS) at Chandigarh airport only allows flights to land if the visibility is at around 1200 metres. A better ILS is yet awaited that will allow flights to land in lower visibility at the airport. A category III ILS can let flights land even if the visibility is below 100 metres. Currently the airport uses category 1 ILS.

While trains, buses and cars are alternate options for passengers wanting to go to Delhi, the fog can slow down the journey by several hours. Even the trains are not guaranteed to leave or arrive on time in such weather. Depite the poor weather conditions in Chandigarh, the residents were found celebrating Christmas outdoors in malls and markets. The mornings and evenings will still be foggy in the coming days.

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