August 24, 2017 ( After waiting for several years, Ludhiana residents can now fly to Delhi and back starting from September 2, 2017 under Modi's UDAN scheme. Air India will be operating the flight. is showing the total booking price for a single adult being Rs. 2079. Including the convenience fee of Rs. 250, the total price is Rs. 2329 (subject to change as per policies) which is quite affordable. As per media reports, only the first 35 tickets will be offered at subsidised prices. The rest of the tickets may cost more. There will be approximately 70 seats in the airplane.
The schedule is as follows (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday):
Departure time (Ludhiana): 4:45 pm; Arrival time (Delhi): 5:55 pm
Departure time (Delhi): 3:00 pm; Arrival time (Ludhiana): 4:15 pm.
As per website, one free meal is included with baggage allowance of 25 kg. The flight will land at Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.
So far Air India website has not updated its timetable with any information about these flights.
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