Please note that this is a privately owned website and we are not associated with Chandigarh Airport or Airports Authority of India. We will not be able to answer any specific questions about the airport. Before contacting us, please check the following FAQ's first:

How often do you update schedules on your site?

Flight schedules are updated real-time, except under rare circumstances. Always check with the airlines also. Railway and Volvo Bus Schedules do not change often. We update them periodically. Always check directly the with official sources about timings and schedules. We will not be responsible for providing any outdated information on our website since schedules are changed without notice by official operators.

I am a passenger who has a complaint about Chandigarh Airport. Whom should I contact?

Please contact Chandigarh Airport directly about any complaints about the airport.

Can you get me a job at Chandigarh Airport?

We don't offer any help with jobs at Chandigarh Airport. Please contact the airlines operating at the airport to inquire about jobs or Chandigarh Airport directly by visiting website.

Where can I get information if I want to operate a business/open a shop at Chandigarh airport?

Visit website and search for tenders.

Can you help me book flights/buses/trains?

We don't offer any travel services, but this is something that we are considering in future.

When will Chandigarh Airport offer international flights?

Click here for more information: International Flights information at Chandigarh Airport.

Do you endorse advertisements on your website?

Advertisements on our website are displayed by third parties. We do not personally endorse any advertisements on our website.


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